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Advanced Cardio Rx

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-05)

It comes down to the way we eat and live damages our Advanced Cardio Rx arteries, leading to CVD and death. This disease is largely self-induced and is preventable. Appreciating and addressing the links between what we do with our bodies and the processes of disease is non-negotiable for successfully preventing illness. Mary Wozny is an author, speaker, coach and trainer, showing people how to become vibrantly healthy and wealthy while working for themselves and creating residual streams of income. If you are among the millions of Americans with high cholesterol, learning about diets to lower cholesterol is one of the best things you can do. Lowering cholesterol by diet instead of resorting to cholesterol medication will give you more energy and and help you feel healthier, two claims the cholesterol medication can never make. In a recent U.S. News & World Report article, a doctor is quoted as having had to resort to exercise and diet to lower cholesterol because he could not tolerate the side effects of cholesterol medication. He was surprised to find out that he actually was able to lower his cholesterol more effectively than what his patients were experiencing using medication. So what is the best thing to look for in diets to lower cholesterol? I personally found that the key to a successful diet was found in the recipes that it provided. The South Beach diet, for instance, has recipes that use many cholesterol lowering foods even though it is not primarily designed as a diet to reduce cholesterol levels. I found this diet to be very helpful because of the many delicious recipes that it provides. This was key for remaining on the diet until I had reached my goals. My point here is that diets to lower cholesterol do not need to be planned with reducing cholesterol levels in mind. Lowering cholesterol by diet is best accomplished by the diet that you enjoy the most, as long as it emphasizes a reduction in saturated fats, such as those found in beef and pork, and includes many high fiber foods including vegetables, whole grains and nuts. Many individuals avoid nuts when dieting, because they are concerned about their fat content. However, this is a mistake because the fiber found in nuts will actually help lower LDL cholesterol while the essential fatty acids that they contain support HDL (good) cholesterol.