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Gaias Protocol

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-07)

I work in the nail industry and I am amazed at just Gaias Protocol Review how many people still believe the wive's tale that eating jello or gelatin will help them improve their fingernails. Every self-help website on the internet has people giving advice to take vitamin E or gelatin. I am here to remind people that don't know yet, that buying an oral supplement to help your fingernails is a complete waste of time and money. It is generally accepted that unless you are malnourished, no supplement will help you grow stronger nails. Dry, brittle and cracking nails are in most cases caused by environmental factors. Fixing the problem is usually simple, straight forward and relatively inexpensive. Three of the biggest factors that effect the health of the fingernail (excluding injury and fungus) are water, the weather and efforts to make them look prettier (polish / fake acrylics). These factors act to strip the lipids out from the protective coating. This "dries" the fingernail out and makes it brittle or susceptible to peeling. I will briefly explain each factor and then tell you how to get the best bang for you nail care efforts. Water: Health care professionals or teachers or anyone that washes their hands many times a day are giving their nails a beating. Nails in water strips out the lipids and raises heck with its protective barrier. Weather: Living in a harsh, dry, cold (or hot) climate also dries out the nail and hurts the nail's protective coating. Nail Polish and Fake Nails: Excessive use of nail polish doesn't give you nail a chance to "breathe". The frequent color changes and the harsh nail polish remover strips the nails. I won't waste a lot of time on what happens to your nails under the acrylics. Don't cheap out and buy some oil that will just sit on top of the nail. Spend a few extra dollars and get a formula that will penetrate into the nail and through its protective coating. If you don't, you are again wasting your time and effort. When you consider how long a small amount of nail conditioner actually lasts, the added cost is really insignificant. It literally costs just pennies and takes only seconds a day.