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Easy Cellar

by Ssregina Regina (2019-05-07)

On the other hand, you have to make sure that Easy Cellar Review your door frames, post and doorways are strong enough to support your house. These areas can commonly withstand earthquakes.Make sure that heavy and tall equipments are fixed and fastened to the wall. Cabinets should have latches to prevent things inside from falling once an earthquake happens.Knowing Where to RunBe sure that you know where to go during an earthquake scenario. It is important that you know the secured and hiding places. One safe place to hide during an earthquake is a sturdy table. It will protect you from heavy and concrete things that are falling.While running, cover your head with your hand to avoid internal head hemorrhage caused by falling debris.Assigning DutiesEveryone in your family or office mates must know their responsibilities during an earthquake event. Only one or two persons should not own the duties themselves. Everybody's participation is barely important. This is for everyone to respond immediately in an earthquake even if you're not around.Emergency Kits On-BoardLastly, you should have emergency and first aid kits in your home and office. These kits should comprise of important things needed in the earthquake aftermath like medicinal treatment stuffs, candle and matches, canned goods etc. Make sure that everyone in the house knows where to find these kits.Different parts of the world experience weather turbulence every year. Citizens in United States coastal areas frequently experience hurricanes while blizzards and snowstorms are experienced by northern part of the world. On the other hand, continental plains do not experience tornadoes and whirlwinds.Tornadoes are sometimes disastrous in nature but there are tornadoes that can be quite calm. People near in places, which are tornado-prone areas, happened to evacuate immediately as these cyclones can destroy everything in their path.Tornadoes are funnel-shaped whirling winds that come from nowhere. They are mainly one-half kilometer wide and can cause severe damage to anything they pass through.Since tornado comes from nowhere, its attack is unpredictable. Tornado moves like a hurricane and before this happen, people in near places should have an emergency preparation. Below are some guidelines in preparing for tornadoes: