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by Ssregina Regina (2019-05-08)

When I'm at a barbecue or dinner party the Subliminal360 Review conversation about challenges in life versus sports usually doesn't surface unless I volunteer. Let's face it, amongst guys, having a discussion about sports may create an argument but talking about life is not always acceptable conversation. It's just not something most guys do. I'm of Italian and Spanish descent; we Mediterranean's are as they say "romantics," so we hug a lot. I can tell you that many guys are not comfortable hugging. The reason, they weren't exposed to it as children with their parents.So, what's the point you ask? Simply a young child, you begin to develop your habits and behavioral patterns based on what you see, hear and learn. If you learn that hugging is not acceptable, then you most likely grow up with hugging another male being a no-no. Like wise, if you grow up with "you don't fail," or "if you fail you're a failure," you have a predisposition and fear to failing. As a result, you take fewer risks in life.Okay, back to not being a failure. After you witness and survive some of the tragedies in life that I have, you have a tendency to say to yourself, "if I handled that, I can handle anything." My advice on this topic is pull back on the reigns, stay humble and don't challenge God or the universe. I've learned that instead of thinking you're invulnerable, be thankful and grateful for the blessings and courage that have been bestowed upon you in times of difficulty.The reason why many of us have second thoughts and doubt our self is due to one major emotion, fear of failure. Let's be honest with ourselves, none of us wants to be a failure, especially in this competitive society that we live in. We're so concerned about what others may think of us, it stops us dead in our tracks.We put so much stock in winning, that we often think, that's what makes the world go 'round. This behavioral pattern has been ingrained in us as young children; get an A, win the game, beat the other guy, come in first etc. Often, it's when we're constantly looking outside of ourselves and comparing who we are to others, that we find our self-doubt surface, as well as our ability to be successful.