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Panic Disorder Treatments and Symptoms

by Bella Edward (2019-05-08)

Next the geneticists note  Inteligen Advanced Brain Formula   that if there is a non-identical twin, the probability of the second one having schizophrenia is 12%. Wow. A 50% increase. That sounds impressive. But geneticists are the ones who know that a non-identical twin is no more alike genetically than a non-twin sibling. Yet they claim the additional 50%.

That additional 50% more likely relates to the fact that if the mother is upset or away when one twin is 15 months old - she is away from the other one at the same age!Data on identical twins sounds more impressive but might be even more flawed. Dr. Bob Cancro made the point that if they include the ones with the genes

where neither twin develops schizophrenia, it would be closer to 30% instead of 47% - but there are more flaws than that. Not only are the identical twins treated more alike, but what one feels the other feels - and what one thinks the other thinks. This is never factored in or even considered.

I remember a video of identical twins who were adopted during early infancy and neither knew of the other. Later when they became known to each other, they found that they both worked for fire company # 3 - each in a different state - and both married a woman with the same name, both wore the same clothes, etc. This was attributed to genetics.