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Raikov Effect

by Ssregina Regina (2019-05-09)

Confidence changes your behavior and the behavior of Raikov Effect Review those you deal with. And here's the most important thing: people love confident people. They flock to them like a moth to a flame. Average people cannot get enough of confident people and will follow them, bend to their will, alter their schedules to accommodate them, do favors for them, try to befriend them and generally give them what they want. Confident people usually get what they want. They can move mountains to achieve their objectives and goals, with their tribe of followers doing the heavy lifting. You see, its just plain great to be confident. It breeds financial success.So how do you increase your confidence? Let me clear one thing up. You cannot think your way to being confident. Don't listen to those self-help pundits who advocate thinking as a means to change who or what you are. Thinking you are confident will not make you confident. Gaining confidence requires action-oriented steps. Here are my top ten action-oriented confidence boosters:Engage in public speaking. I have found nothing that boosts one's confidence more than public speaking. The very thought of saying something in a public forum is so frightening to many people that they will make an effort to never put themselves in such a position. Boy what a mistake that is. Public speaking, by its very act, forces you to overcome a real fear. Anytime we overcome our fears in life through action, its a notch in our confidence belt. And there is no notch quite as large as the notch that is created when you overcome your fear of speaking in public. A friend of mine recently confided in me his fear of public speaking after watching me give a presentation to 125 people. He told me he admired me for having the courage to get up in front of strangers and speak. I mention this because this person was my secret mentor. My admiration for his skills, competence and business acumen is great. I looked up to him for years. I wished I was more like him. And here he was telling me how much he (my mentor) admired me, just because I overcame a fear he had. Understand this; most people who listen to a speaker, deep down, admire them for doing what they cannot do (or will not do). The very act of speaking in itself creates confidence faster than any other confidence booster.