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Mental Health - OCD - Key Points to Remember During Treatment Course

by Bella Edward (2019-05-09)

Nonetheless, the big three,    inteligen   searching for cause, has eliminated cause from the search!I do not mean to detract from the spectacular, space-age research, or the sincerity and integrity of the men and women doing the studies. What I am saying is that in terms of cause, they are looking in the wrong direction.

For many years I puzzled, how could it be that nearly the entire field appears to be looking in the wrong direction for cause? Then I read that the same phenomenon has existed for thousands of years. Isaiah wrote, 2,550 years ago, "I am the Lord that turns wise men backward and makes their knowledge foolish."

Could this be what is happening in the mental health field today? It looks like it to me.The irony is that if family groups, such as NAMI, only understood the actual cause, it would vindicate them of guilt because not even the so-called experts in the field are aware of the simple PTSD origin and mechanism, and nor do they appreciate why seemingly innocent little separations are experienced by the baby as overwhelming threats to survival.In 2006

I presented a lecture to the International Society for Psychotherapy for Schizophrenia and other psychoses (ISPS) at a conference in Santa Monica, California.I showed twelve precise parallels between PTSD from adult life and delayed PTSD from infancy (schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, and other psychotic and non-psychotic depressions).