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7 Day Prayer Miracle

by gold stone (2019-05-10)

In the 1970's, anthropologists 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review from the Louis Leakey team named a newly-discovered hominid species predating any other man-like creatures previously known as 'homo habilis', the 'handy man,' because of simple tools found among the remains. The human species has always been identified with tool-making at a level and to a degree not found among other primate species. To our very core, human beings are creative (intentional) creatures. Not only that, but we pass our creations - our technology - down from generation to generation, each iteration adding its own characteristic advances to the generations that have gone before. It's not enough for humans merely to reproduce: even bacteria can do that. No, we humans mark our passage through this world by leaving behind a creative legacy that's uniquely our own.Starting a new family (even if it consists of only two members) represents a hugely significant milestone in any individual's life. For some cultures, it serves as the passageway from childhood to adulthood. I clearly remember a schoolmate of mine, a seminarian from Tanzania, son of a tribal chieftain. Even though he was nearly thirty years old, he was considered a child at home among his people, since he had not married. Once he was ordained a priest, and the village celebrated the moment with a festival as grand as any VIP wedding, only then was he treated as an adult (and even welcomed to sit among the community elders). Still, this passage, significant as it may be, says nothing at all about you or me as distinctly human.What sets you apart from every other creature on the planet has little to do with your relationships or even your progeny. What elevates you above and beyond pond scum derives entirely from the creative contribution that you're willing and able to make to the furtherance of humanity. It's all about your creative legacy. From ancient times, almost all cultures have recognized that some men and women have received an inner summons to forgo bearing children and to serve as a reminder to the rest of humanity that we have a higher purpose here. Regardless of whether or not you accept the responsibilities of parenthood, you can never be absolved of your responsibility to make a positive contribution to the whole of humanity.