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What Causes Diabetes in the USA? The Difference Between Type 1 and Type 2

by Bella Edward (2019-05-10)

Going barefoot is one of the   Blood Sugar Premier   easiest ways to injure a foot. Be on the lookout for any extremes of cold or heat on your feet. Nerve damage may prevent you from accurately judging the temperature of many things that your feet may come into contact with.Within the confines of this article I will concentrate on Type 2 Diabetes, and how to better control your diabetes by listing my 10 Tips on How to Lower Blood Sugar Levels.

The other situation of great concern is prediabetes which is believed to affect up to an alarming 20% of the population, it is in truth a milder form of diabetes where the insulin produced is not utilised properly by the body resulting in high blood sugar levels, and without taking immediate measures to lower blood sugar levels it will certainly become diabetes per se.

Just a few figures to get your attention prior to our 10 top tips to lower blood sugar levelsBefore I go into any depth on the subject, just let me give you some figures regarding Diabetes is now the sixth biggest killer worldwide, affecting over 10% of the population, current estimates suggest that over 435 million people will suffer Diabetes by 2030, of these sufferers 65% will die as a direct result of diabetes!

IDF president Jean Claude Mbanya said, "The epidemic represents nothing short of a global health emergency, it is alarming that world leaders stand by while the diabetes fuse slowly burns. The serious impact on families, countries and economies continues with little resistance. Governments, aid agencies and the international community must take concerted action to defuse the threat now, before the diabetes time bomb explodes."