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7 Day Prayer Miracle

by gold stone (2019-05-10)

Many people think that when 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review they start to make more money, they deserve to buy more things. They buy a bigger home and a fancier car. They eat out more often at finer restaurants. They wear expensive clothes and jewelry. They go on more exotic vacations. There is a problem with this idea, however. If your standard of living matches your current income, then you must keep on making the same amount of money, whether you want to or not. You are still living paycheck to paycheck. You will have no reserve cash for the emergencies that will probably show up at some time.You will be busier and busier, since the more things you have the more things you have to take care of. You will have to insure, look after, keep clean, protect, and worry about all those things. You will become a slave to your possessions. Your "stuff" will create unnecessary demands on your time and energy. Yes, you may deserve a better standard of living, but don't you also deserve peace of mind? Which is more important to you?We all can think of celebrities who had fame and fortune, who we all wanted to be like; yet were miserable, perhaps even miserable enough to commit suicide. Did they achieve success? I don't think so. They were lacking a key ingredient. They weren't happy.People have been trained to think that they will be happy once they become successful. But in fact, life operates the other way around. Happiness is the cause of success, not the result. When you are happy, it is because you recognize that the world is an abundant place that is full of wonderful things. You know that God is looking after you and you are grateful that you already have everything you need. You are focused on what is good in your life, and because you get what you focus on, you will just receive more and more good things.When you are happy, when you really understand and believe that the world is an abundant place, you will understand that abundance does not just occur in one area of your life. You can't have lots of money yet have miserable relationships. You can't be hugely popular and yet be spiritually poor. Balance is very important. A truly happy person is happy about all areas of their lives. And that is what makes them truly successful.Do we do it out of some belief in the importance of accountability? Do we think pinning the blame will improve the behavior of the guilty? Do we think as a manager that we are somehow resolved of the responsibility of our team's performance? Did we get yelled at as children and this is our way of paying it back?