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7 Day Prayer Miracle

by gold stone (2019-05-10)

It is up to you to prevent 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review your goals from slipping away. Taking a simple first step, like calling for information or signing up for a class, starts the dominoes falling and momentum is automatically building. Once the momentum towards your goal is started, well, an object in motion tends to stay in motion. It is a law. Your first step leads to your second, and before you know it you have arrived at your goal. It seems pretty simple, because it is. The process does not happen overnight or without work, but it does happen. It happens a lot faster than waiting until tomorrow to take the first step!In my opinion, beliefs are one of the most critical and determining factors in our success. Beliefs are something that I have been very interested and intrigued by for many years. I think that our beliefs hold the key or magic ingredient for creating what we want in our lives.Our beliefs are what we hold to be true. They are our guiding principles. What we believe is very powerful. Most times we take action based on whether or not we believe we will be successful. Beliefs are intangible. We cannot reach out and touch them. However, we do have evidence of them. Take a look at your life. Is it exactly as you would like it? Are you currently achieving the results you want? Your current results are a mirror for what you believe.Remember, your beliefs reside in your unconscious awareness. Research says that most of your core beliefs were formed by the time you were seven years old. Your current belief system was formed by your parents, grandparents, teachers, religious figures and other authority figures that were in your life when you were just a small child. You may think you know what you believe, however the beliefs that are driving your actions and therefore your results are probably not in your conscious awarenessThat is why if we want to change our lives and create different results we must change our belief system. We must learn how to become consciously aware of our limiting beliefs and change them. This is not the easiest task and may require some help. For those of you who are already members of Decide Your Life, you know that recognizing limiting beliefs and replacing them with more resourceful ones is something we do frequently in our group coaching calls.