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The Ultimate Competitor - You!

by Bella Edward (2019-05-11)

I've had a long,  7 Day Prayer Miracle   bumpy journey on the road to finding my true niche as a professional. From years of inauthentic (and unappealing) corporate work, to becoming a psychotherapist and coach yearning to find my true "sweet spot," my path has been fraught with blocks and fears about "naming and claiming" who I am as a professional in this world. Finally, I can say I've discovered exactly what I love to do and for whom, at least for the present.

In overcoming many challenges in finding my true niche, I am now focused on helping others do the same. Throughout these many years, I've observed what it takes shine in your chosen area - how to be one of the best in your selected niche, and be confident enough to market yourself powerfully and rise above the competition.

What do you need, as a coach, consultant, or other helping professional, to name and claim your niche?Here are some essential steps, in the form of what you need to release, and what must be embraced, to move forward:Part I - What to Release:Take the time to uncover if you have any of the following traits or behaviors that are holding you back, then let them go:

Traces of narcissicism - Thinking you're the best without doing the necessary work Being the best requires effort and commitment. For instance, if you want to write a book about helping people, you must understand what the great contributors who came before you had to say. It's vital to learn what you do and bring to the conversation that's different from the rest.