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Weight Loss for Health

by Bella Edward (2019-05-13)

This one is from Cheat Your  Lean Belly Breakthrough   Way Thin: "This is a program that you can use for life. It teaches you how to make this healthy method of eating into a lifestyle so you can maintain your weight for life."From WikiPeers: "What is most remarkable about the book is that it takes into account all the different body types that people have and acknowledges that the same diet will have different effects on different people."

There has been a lot more positive feedback across the web than there is negative. These are some of the positive things that people are saying about The Diet Solution Program:Shows you how different foods affect different parts of your body bEncourages the intake of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables
Contains delicious recipes to make everyday meals tasty Allows you to personalize and create your own diet plan, one that will suit your metabolic rate
Then there is negative feedback. In general here are some negative things about the Program.

You will have to use your own willpower in order to change your lifestyle and nutrition in order to change your healthIt is a long-term solution. Therefore, the effects will be slower than other diets It can be expensive to buy all the different types of food that's recommended But if you want a safe and easy method of losing weight, then this program is right for you.

Here are some peoples' personalized experience with the program: "While every diet requires some effort, the main point of failure for most people is simply not being organized enough to stick with it. The Diet Solution Program provides the tool you will need to stay organized and on track.""The way I think, the way I act, and the way I feel about myself has been altered tremendously forever since I started the Diet Solution Program."