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Hemorrhoid No More

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-14)

Other times when this may become apparent are Hemorrhoid No More Review when you sit down or wear clothing that can rub against the piles. This is more of the case for external hemorrhoids or those that are on the anus or close to it. Pain is experienced because the nerves endings in this part of the body sense pain. However, internal hemorrhoids, higher up in the anal canal have different nerve endings. They do not sense pain but rather pressure. This pressure is what tells you that you want to go to the toilet. So a hemorrhoid in this region will not cause you pain but in cases where hard stools pass over the swelling, it may break the tissue and cause the flow of blood. So when you go to the toilet you will find blood in the pan or on paper. Hemorrhoids or piles are a swelling of tissue inside the rectum or on the anus. The swelling is caused by the engorgement of blood in the vessels underneath the swelling. Indeed, the cause of hemorrhoids is the swelling up of the blood vessels, however it is still not clear why this happens. Or rather, there are many reasons but the exact sequence or what triggers the condition are still unknown. The condition is categorized as either internal or external based on the location of the swelling (or the ensuing development of the piles). This article will focus on the external type and point out a few external hemorrhoid treatment ideas. External hemorrhoids are more likely to be painful than internal hemorrhoids, so the need to treat them is more profound. The basic treatment is to relieve the pain. As the external piles are likely to be visible you can simply apply a cream to the affected area. Another treatment is to apply ice to the painful region. The cool nature of the ice can take out the burning sensation. The same could be said for bathing the affected area in cold water.