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Blogging With Business Strategy

by Bella Edward (2019-05-14)

Do not let your Blog Go down  Appcoiner  with the Sinking Ship called Mediocrity.Please do not do a Boring Blog because that is internet litter. Usually people land on your blog because of a keyword. So you have to have something there that captures attention and makes them want to stay and even return. Welcome to my blog is not going to capture attention. If you have a boring blog that is not informative, you will find out soon enough because no one will come or stay either to come back to play.

Define your target audience. Who are they? Really define your market. Defining your target market is the part that will most directly affect your bank account so this step is vital. You have to speak to them so you have to define what is important to them so you can provide the solution or answer.
Write down your marketing objective (a.k.a. your goals)

Write the marketing strategies to make it happen. Article marketing, offline direct mail, sponsor 10k races or marathons, social bookmarking. Look for opportunities to tap into the sports medicine market through forums and adword campaigns. These will be strategies on how you will promote your blog.
How will the blog make you money even if it is support for your internet presence?

I want athletes to sign up for my newsletter on improving their gait and preventing future problems of the lower extremities. I will have various products I endorse to avoid and treat problems on the blog and in emails -- products I know work because I have had patients try them.If you're just starting out in your internet business having your website is just not enough to attract visitors.