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Memory Hack

by Ssregina Regina (2019-05-15)

Life will not always accommodate our Memory Hack innocence. When life experiences go beyond the limits of what can be ignored, looked away from or dealt with by the strategies of the past, people often collapse psychologically and turn to therapy in an attempt to return to "status quo". This is not always possible when there are real-world changes such as losses and illness or even births and other positive, but destabilizing, life events to contend with.Sometimes an irresistible question of meaning and purpose pulls on an individual positively to question their life and assumptions. When something new is needed the habit of seeking the familiar becomes counter-productive. What we need then is curiosity. Curiosity is not a "solution focused" spotlight trained on experience searching for answers. Expectation will only point us again to the familiar since that is exactly what expectation consists of!! Curiosity is the antidote to "sameness." It is the key that unlocks closed down parts of life. Curiosity is not only a "solution focused" spotlight trained on experience searching for answers. In addition to being an active search for answers it is also the quality of simply being open to the new. It means not treating new experience and surprise as dangerous and threatening. Openness is what personality researchers call an "individual difference variable"; this means that it appears more or less strongly in different people. But openness is also a quality that can be permitted, fostered and developed at any time of life.If we wish to experience something genuinely new we usually do not have to look farther than the things we habitually refuse. The things we refuse are as defining of the shape of our character as the things we endorse. Shame, guilt, fear and refusal close off areas of self and experience, locking them down and out of sight.