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Lean Body Hacks

by gold stone (2019-05-17)

I find this workout very enjoyable. Lean Body Hacks It does not take much time out of a fast paced day, actually it fits right in. It is a great feeling being able to control your weight. Knowing the right steps is key. For me, this routine has helped me to shed weight and I am sharing in hopes it helps others. I also drink Evolv Enhanced Beverage for hydration and other benefits.Warming up is important. The first 5 minutes on the stationary bike is for warming up your body by elevating your heart rate. My target heart rate is 138 based on age(check American Heart Association link at bottom of page). This number is important to me because it is a great spot for burning fat. While warming up I am slowly raising my heart rate up to 138.The 5 minutes is over and the body is warmed up. This is when I stretch my legs and lower back. I feel more flexible after I have warmed up. These stretches should last no less than two minutes. Choose from stretches you enjoy that create a safe workout.The stretching is complete and now it is time to hop back onto the bike. I set my bike program to either cardio or fat burning(bikes have different programs). I set the time for 20 minutes at a resistance setting around 8(out of 12). This resistance will allow you to slow down from sprints with more control. For the first 5 minutes I am keeping the bike at a consistent rpm of 100. This allows my heart rate to stay around 138 beats per minute. The next 9 minutes I sprint for 30 seconds(going as fast I can under control) and then drop back down to 100 rpm for 1 minute. Alternating for the whole 9 minutes. The next 4 minutes I spend sprinting for 8 seconds and then drop down to 100 rpm for 12 seconds. This becomes very tough and takes control to slow your legs down. The last 2 minutes I spend at a nice 80 rpm pace to help my body cool down.Please be aware that a correct diet is very important when losing weight and to seeing the results that you want. For me cutting sodas and fast food from my diet have really boosted my results along with eating more lean meats and vegetables. I hope this information helps you on your path to successful weight loss.