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by gold stone (2019-05-18)

Consequently when you break LumaSlim the diet and you will have to sooner or later, your body will pile weight on as if there was no tomorrow in anticipation of the next famine. And just to be sure it will pile on a little bit extra, just to be on the safe side. This phenomenon is called rebound weight gain and is the dieters worst nightmare as all that hard work and suffering has been for nothing.But that doesn't mean you can't lose weight. You just need the right information so that you work with your body not against it. There's no need for hunger, tiredness or extreme will power, just the right information and weight loss will be a walk in the park.The most dangerous factor for any person on his weight loss journey is frustration. People feel that they want to lose weight and start a diet plan that they read about or even prescribed by a doctor then few days later they stop that diet and even start eating more than ever. Some people even think to themselves that they will never lose weight what ever they do and so there is no need to start any kind of diets.I can understand these feelings as I suffered them all myself in the past and I can say now that only 2 factors are responsible for this frustration and these factors include choice of wrong diet program and lack of motivation.Let us talk first about motivation as I used to consider eating too much as no big deal and why should I lose weight until I suffered 5 combined problems that pushed my will to lose wight to the sky and these include :We are not living alone, a simple truth I realized when I saw myself on a video tape beside the other people and how I looked very bad compared to them and I guess some of them may have looked at me with sarcasm.I guess all of us suffered this problem as we have a beloved shirt or anything we like to wear but one day we try to wear it but unfortunately it has become too tight. You may go to buy new clothes when you discover the horrible truth, you can not find your size in these beautiful piece of clothes you want to buy and you are obligated to wear certain clothes that you do not like at all.I started to lack self confidence and I stopped hanging out with my friends then I felt some depression which was increasing by days and for you who are still single you mean understand what I mean when you try to start a new relationship but you have no courage because you think the guy you love will not accept you this way.I felt so lazy that I do not want to work day after day and for sure I was not this fit person that can be active in his work and if you noticed, it is very rare to find someone obese in a leading position or such things.