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by gold stone (2019-05-18)

However more than three iGenics hundred years passed after his epic idea, before contact lenses were finally worn by humans. The early lenses are termed by ophthalmologists as hard lenses, whereas the ones that are worn today are referred to as soft lenses. However, ophthalmologic science had many other things in destiny for humans. Nowadays one can also find best colored contact lenses including green colored contact lenses that are available with or without any corrective power on them.They change the looks of the person wearing them by disguising the color of their pupils. If you have ever longed to have a green colored pupil instead of the light blue colored ones that you were born with, just wear suitable green colored contact lenses. None shall be able to distinguish that you are wearing them, apart from those who know you and the color of your pupils quite well.Since these contacts remain in touch with your cornea throughout the day, it is imperative that you opt in for ones that are made out of suitable materials so that they cause no damage. Like as with other things, one can also find best colored contacts available on various online stores. You should ensure that you purchase them only from reputed stores that have a long history in dealing with these optical products.Astigmatism is a very common eye condition today especially among working professionals who sit in front of the computer screen for hours on end. It occurs when the shape of the eye changes over time due to vigorous use and unnecessary stress. The human eye is round in shape however an eye suffering from astigmatism has an oval shape. It should be noted that Astigmatism is a by-product of near or far-sightedness. As the eye, tries to adjust its vision, it has a tendency to change its shape hence causing astigmatism.An eye exam is the fastest and most effective way to determine whether or not an individual is suffering from Astigmatism. An in-depth eye examination will also detect early stages of other eye diseases that may attribute to astigmatism such as glaucoma and cataracts. It will also reveal if the patient is suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes, both of which affect the ocular health.