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Combat Shooter System

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-22)

When traveling in winter weather you would be wise Combat Shooter System to maintain certain items of emergency gear within the trunk of your car even for everyday trips like to the local grocery store for milk. Some good items to keep in your car are a cell phone, a windup flashlight, a pair of quality jumper cables, perhaps a bag of sand or some kitty litter to help obtain traction if necessary, an ice scraper, blankets, a small shovel and appropriate warning devices such as reflectors or flares. If you are planning any kind of long trip you may wish to add ready to eat foods, a few gallons of water, some extra blankets and any prescription medications that you or a family member may be on. When possible your best course of action would be to avoid driving during ice or snow storms. If travels during those times are unavoidable then drive extra slowly. It's better to be late then to never arrive at all. Inform someone as to the route which you will be traveling and the approximate time you expect to arrive at your destination. At least in that way if contact with you become impossible someone can at least notify the authorities of your intended travel route. Once again make certain that the exhaust pipe is not blocked by a snow pile. Stay with your vehicle with your window cranked open slightly to allow entrance of some fresh air. Don't ever try to walk for help. Wrap a blanket around you and turn on the heater for a few minutes to get warm and then switch it off again. We would all like to have a nice large, comfortable yacht however if it's like my situation the pocket book simply can't handle the cost. On the other hand we might even want to purchase our own small aircraft. Although this idea may perhaps be a bit closer to reality it is still far from the confines of my budget. In either case we could under the right circumstances find ourselves stranded on the open sea for days at a time. In my area of the country it is not unusual during the summer months to hear on the evening news how a small craft was missing in the ocean. Possibly several days later that same craft is fortunately discovered with the occupants alive and safe. One example of a situation such as this occurred to Louie Zamperini during the spring of 1943. Louie crashed his World War II aircraft while flying over the Pacific Ocean. He plunged down into the ocean and remained there for 47 days in his life raft.