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Memory Hack

by gold stone (2019-05-22)

I absolutely believe thatĀ Memory HackĀ traumas are stored in the mind but more importantly in the body. If we could control the brain then the body should follow but it doesn't. The concept of "stress kills" is a powerful demonstration of this fact. Stress should be something that is thought and therefore should stay in the mind. But it does not. The emotions caused by the stress manifest themselves in serious and often death dealing physical problems in the body.Core Empowerment, produced by the technique of Psycho Cellular Repatterning, is a powerful way of accessing buried memories through a connection to the client's higher power. Then rewriting those memories and replacing them with powerful loving ones resets the pattern into a totally positive one. No more will the pain exist and no more will the old memory exist. It is similar to when one remembers an old "B" movie that was fearful at the first viewing but after seeing how the movie was made there is no more sting to any part of that movie.Core Empowerment, because of the deep spiritual connection, allows a person to be who they want to be. No more are they burdened down with limiting thoughts and beliefs. Their lives can then, at last, truly be magical, healthy, prosperous and happy.There are a lot of syndromes in the psychology of human being, and some of them are categorized as weird syndromes. One of those syndromes is kleptomania that has been very familiar for us. However, there are still many other syndromes that make their sufferers have weird behavior or thought, such as Cotards Syndrome that makes its sufferers think that they have died. Here are those four leading positions for the weirdest syndrome in the world.Trichotillomania. This is an impulse control disorder that makes its sufferers rooting up their own hair. This disorder is caused by any disorder of serotonin and dopamine in the brain of the sufferer. The sufferers never realize that they are doing this weird activity. It could be reduced by doing behavioral training.Cotards Syndrome. This syndrome causes its sufferers to think that they have died or lost any parts of their body. This is a very rare neuropsychiatric disorder that might be caused by great depression. The syndrome is named after the finder, Jules Cotard. In 1880, this doctor had a patient who thought that some particular parts of his body were not owned by him.Kleptomania. This disorder is caused by any serotonin disorder in brain and mostly happens to women. The sufferers of this disorder are not stealing something precious. Instead, they are taking ordinary things such as tissue, safety pin, and so on. This syndrome could be cured with any cognitive-behavioral therapy.