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Backyard Revolution

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-26)

It may be the most definitive analysis of Backyard Revolution Review the disconnect the media and the greens have about nuclear energy and its impact on our health that you have ever read. Lovelock concludes, "The persistent distortion of the truth about the health risks of nuclear energy should make us wonder if the other statements about nuclear energy are equally flawed." What will It take to have the Government accept that stealth adapted viruses are infecting humans? Hopefully, this article may do so. Health Officials first learned about stealth adapted viruses in 1995. They balked, however, upon hearing that some of these viruses originated in the type of monkey used to produce polio vaccines. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognized the probable contamination of some polio vaccines in monkey studies performed in 1972. Yet, public health officials chose to not publicly disclose these studies. It would have raised questions regarding the basic decision to use monkey kidney cells to produce live polio vaccine. Acknowledging this error would also expose the potential origin of HIV, the AIDS virus, from the experimental testing of contaminated polio vaccines in Africa. AIDS is not the only price that mankind has paid in return for developing polio vaccines. The contaminating vaccine-derived viruses are now being transmitted between humans. The viruses are a major cause of many illnesses, which predominantly affect the brain. The illnesses include autism, mental diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, addiction and criminal behaviors. It is no longer acceptable for public health officials to avoid the issue of stealth adapted viruses. They need to respond to those with virus damaged brains; those who care for them; and those who are harmed by brain-damaged criminals. The decision to use monkeys for polio vaccines started in 1948 when Dr. John Enders showed that polio virus could be grown in monkey cell cultures. Dr. Enders then stood back as Drs. Jonas Salk, Albert Sabin and Hilary Koprowski raced towards developing a polio vaccine.