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by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-06-03)

Lets say I throw a Left Hook into the bag: the energy Capsiplex Review for the punch is coming up from the ground (through the legs), the abs/obliques are twisting the upper body first to the left, then immediately to the right as the left hand speeds into the bag. Upon impact, the bag is actually pushing back on you with an equal force. Your abs and core are making sure that you don't disconnect your upper from your lower body due to the force of the bag, so they're contracting at full force. And you have a hundred or so of these maximal contractions during the course of the workout. So that "core contraction" burns fat off your waist, right? Not really, and anyone who tells you so is simply misinformed. However, what DOES burn fat off your waist is the sum total of all your muscle mass being engaged throughout the duration of the workout. The more muscle you can get pumping, the greater your fat-burning efficiency. Kickboxing on the heavy bag not only engages a TON of muscle, but it does so at the same time you're getting a great cardio workout. The technical name for this is "more bang for your buck"! The truth is, most people, especially if they have a limited background in this type of thing, become bored during the workout because they can't think of what to throw at the bag. And I don't mean they can't think of "anything", sure they can: they remember to throw a jab, a cross, a hook, a kick, and then they do it again, and again, and again, and pretty soon they've run into a routine that is stale and uninspiring. You see, it takes a lot of mental energy to constantly be thinking, "OK, NOW what do I do?" When your workout consists of this kind of "winging it" round after round, your mind gets tired, and bored, and suddenly you're not so enthused about your workout program anymore. What you need is a very structured step-by-step program that tells you EXACTLY what to do each and every round.