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Crypto Coin Sniper

by gold stone (2019-01-09)

In day trading you Crypto Coin Sniper Review open and close a trade within the same day and don't carry forward your trade overnight to the next morning. As compared to that in swing trading you can open a trade anytime of the day when the moment is right and can keep it open for days as long as your profit target is not met.In swing trading the profit targets are also much higher as well as your stop loss is also more wide so you have more space. Swing trading depends on riding the trend at the right moment and continue riding it as long as it lasts. Day traders are looking for short term trends that may not last more than 24 hours but sometimes as a day trader if at the end of the day you have a profitable position and you feel that you should keep your trade open for a few more days you decide to carry it forward to the next few days.So sometimes you start as a day trader but end up as a swing trader. In swing trading you don't need to monitor your trade all day. After opening your trade and putting your stop loss and take profit orders you are free as the market will take its own course after that. You only need to take a look at your trade for 10-15 minutes a day anytime of the day that suits you. As long as your technical analysis was correct, your trade will work. So you have much more freedom in swing trading specially for those who do a regular job and trade as well.After a lot of hype, the Ivybot has finally reached the FOREX market. Many traders have openly welcomed this new robot. This robot has many new features that make it unique from other FOREX robots. Like others, the IvyBot has also been tested and researched before its launch into the trading world. The inventors of this robot are long-standing trading, professionals from the FOREX trading market. These inventors have been using this robot to enhance their own trading and have decided to share it with the public. The introduction of the FAP Turbo created waves in the market because theses inventors are programmers and mathematicians who have made an efficient robot for this day and age of trading. The Ivybot is claimed to be more productive than any other current robot because these inventors were able to create a system based on math and computer programming to predict the trading world.As you may know, the IvyBot is an automated trading software that has become the latest hype for traders. The greatest feature about this robot is that it will conduct online trading even without you, which allows you more freedom to enjoy your life. Many traders operate this system without complaint because they receive regular updates about what occurs in the market. This ability to update automatically according to the changes in the market is an unique feature of the IvyBot. This unique feature alone makes many traders breath a sigh of relief because they will no longer need to keep purchasing a new robot.