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Lean Belly Secret

by dilli jack (2019-01-29)

You must not consume the products for 10 days: bread, breadstuff, groats, rice, dairy products, sugar, fruits containing sugar, carrots, corn, potatoes and alcohol.The products you can consume are the following: meat, bacon, fish, canned food, eggs and vegetables except for those containing sugar.You can make salad with olive oil or lemon juice. You should use only olive oil when cooking.
You should have 5 meals within a day. Even if you do not want to eat, you have to do it, because the more the food consumed, the more the fat burned and the more the weight lost.You should drink a glass of water before every meal. After meal you should avoid drinking for half an hour.
You must not eat anything after 8 p.m. The diet should be observed for 10 days and no longer.Starting from the third day of the diet you are going to loose weight. If you wish to loose more weight after a successful outcome, the diet can be resumed after 2 months of interruption. Any violations of the rules result in termination of the diet. You have let yourself down and there is no point in continuation of the diet as it is going to deliver no results. You can restart the diet after 2 weeks.