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Quantum Manifestation Code

by dilli jack (2019-01-31)

Perhaps you've forgotten that your aunt used to call you 'stupid dumb' when you didn't score high marks for Mathematics subject, and your mum called you 'useless' when you started crying. Or perhaps your high school teacher told you that only with a Ph.D that you could earn a decent living... The subconscious mind is the memory bank of the human. It stores all the things whether you like them or not, whether you need them or not, whether they're going to be useful in your life as you grow up or not. The subconscious mind doesn't care, it's task is to keep storing all the information that you receive every moment through your five senses since your birth.Hence, the ONE ROOT CAUSE in cosmic ordering failure comes from your subconscious mind! What have you been receiving since you're young? Are they empowering or dis-empowering to what you desire consciously now in your life? Are they supportive or non-supportive? Are they working or not working, based on where you're in your life now? The memories that were stored in your subconscious mind remain 'unconscious' to you until you decide to take stock of them, dig deeper into them and find out what are the things that obstruct your cosmic orders when you send them, receive them or BOTH? If your inner space clearing is not done, there can be no space or void for you to fulfill your cosmic ordering.