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BOOST Milk Enhancer Review

by dilli jack (2019-01-31)

In the short term it does, they do something wrong they get punished, it's quite simply really. Smacking is a very powerful tool that must be used with care. Many believe it shouldn't be used at all, it is even banned in some states and countries. Studies continue to show that people who were smacked as children grow to express their emotion physically. Children who are smacked become parents who smack. Most parents who smack justify it by saying "I was smacked and I turned out okay".Whether it "works" or not also depends on the child's personality. A strong willed child (I have one of these) might not respond to the smack as a punishment, but a challenge instead. If you find that you are forever smacking your child it might be worth trying something different. There is not a "1 mold that fits all" when it comes to parenting (it would be easy but frightfully boring it there was). Don't be afraid to talk to your friends and family to see what parenting and discipline techniques they are using and what success they are having.As you grow as a parent you will learn how to respond to your misbehaving child in a way that gets a good result. Parenting is an ever evolving skill and with case studies constantly being done there will probably be more techniques getting suggested. There is lots of information out there about whether to smack or not to smack, but I believe you need to find a good balance. While parents are there to teach, guide and give children boundaries to lean on (and lean on them they do) we must keep in mind that they are just kids. So next time you get frustrated or angry with your child and go to smack him/her, STOP, take a deep breathe and think "Is it really that bad" or are you just over reacting because you had a rough day at work?