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Quantum Manifestation Code

by dilli jack (2019-02-01)

And this is the key to what we are saying. It is not actually the money you want, but what the money can bring you. So when you say that your aim is to have X amount of dollars in your current account by a certain date, it is entirely possible that you will not achieve that because it is not anything real that you are giving your attention to. You have to think about what it is that you want the money for, that is what you really want, and that will be the measure of your success.Monet has often been viewed as being like a flow, like a current. This is a very useful analogy for money. It is like flowing energy, and it is my belief that it works best when it is doing that, moving, flowing. This is why we also say that an aim of having X amount of dollars is an attempt to fix in one place an entity which is most effective when it is in motion. Just like water it will stagnate, and ultimately drain away.