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iGenics Review

by dilli jack (2019-02-05)

On an intellectual level, I am interested in exploring - learning new iGenics Review things and learning new ways to do the things I have done in the past. My curiosity has been awakened by my disability. I am more open to new ideas, less quick to judge and dismiss other people's opinions. I want to know what is happening and why. I want to see and learn and explore and know the world and all its beauty. I want to learn to use all my senses to understand the world in new ways. On a spiritual level, I "see" in new ways. Divine grace is everywhere and I try to find it in every person and place and experience and obstacle that I encounter. I trust God. I know, now, that I do not have access to the big picture. I love to watch the action of grace in my life and all around me. I am in love with the mysteriousness of the way God works. I love people. I try to love more unconditionally. I listen. I pray differently than I did before. I feel connected to God in a new way now.In a strange way, I am much more whole now than I have ever been in my life. I am more centered, more mindful, more connected with the divine, more loving, more free, more myself. If it took losing my vision to get me to this place, then I am grateful for my vision loss. If I had to choose, I would not trade where I am now for a life with perfect sight.