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The Psychology of Achievement

by dilli jack (2019-02-06)

I wonder...when something new is opened or discovered and there is so much activity, The Psychology of Achievement people say how wonderful and helpful it is, are they lying? or just wrong. For the purposes of this discussion, I am not speaking of a new restaurant, rather this is about something that is of benefit to you and your mental or emotional state. Something that brings you benefits or further towards your goal.Although it is a simple statement there will be occasions on your journey to success when you wonder if it is ever going to happen, and to that end I want to share with you something that happened to me last Saturday. I'm a keen golfer, not a very good one I have to admit but I am keen and I am very competitive. Most Saturdays I can be found on my local golf course playing a round of golf with some friends who are far better than I am and who each week take the winnings. Now as I have said I am very competitive and coming last each week is not something I enjoy; I do however enjoy the game and the company and so I persevere. "Begin an Online Business" - a simple statement and if you're looking to work from home then what better way than to use the Internet to achieve your aims, and become a successful Internet Marketer. There is no better feeling in the world than the one that envelopes you when you have just achieved something that you have longed for. For me it was winning that round of golf and that feeling of success has stayed with me and it is transforming the way I work.