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The Science of Self Confidence

by dilli jack (2019-02-06)

Those who achieve true financial success, The Science of Self Confidence who become wealthy and stay wealthy, know that they must work at it. They know that financial freedom isn't something that can be left to chance; it needs organized planning which includes knowing how much wealth they want to acquire, and how they plan to do this. They have an objective to focus on and an open mind to take advantage of opportunities that arise. They can assess whether each new opportunity will help them with their goal of financial freedom. If it will, it becomes part of their plans; if not, they let it pass by.Financially successful people constantly review their progress and adjust their plans to take account of what's happening around them. They never get complacent or lose sight of their goal. They know the path to success is not a straight line, that there will be challenges and setbacks. They don't go looking for problems but neither do they hide from them. Just like getting through a misunderstanding in a personal relationship helps you understand the other person better, overcoming a problem is usually a positive experience that helps them grow and teaches valuable lessons that help towards future success.Success in any area of life requires commitment and work. True wealth is a mix of financial success, good health, positive and stimulating relationships and a career doing what you really want to do. This is achievable -- and you don't have to be 'lucky' to do it, just willing to invest the time and effort needed to reap the rewards of financial freedom.