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by dilli jack (2019-02-07)

There is a simple way to stop this Phen24 Review problem and that is to eat the protein foods at the beginning of the meal. Most of us in this U.S. eat a salad as the first part of a meal. The carbohydrates that make up the salad require no hydrochloric acid for digestion. Nevertheless, the stomach dumps all the hydrochloric acid in to begin with. Then when the protein food (meat, fish, beans, cheese, etc.) needs the acid, there's none left. So always eat the vegetable salad either with the protein food (with meal) or after, but not before.If this is still not enough to stop the problem, you may need to help your stomach out by taking some hydrochloric acid in the form of betaine hydrochloride tablets. One really important point to remember here is to take one or two tablets after you eat. Whatever you do, don't take them before or during the meal, which will shut off your natural acid production. Instead, you want your stomach to produce and secrete as much acid as it can first, then you can add the additional acid needed.