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Facebook Ad IQ Academy

by dilli jack (2019-02-11)

Social media aggregators as their name suggests, bring together orFacebook Ad IQ Academy pulls public content such as photos, videos, stories from multiple social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and more. This aggregated content is pulled into one gallery and display together and exhibited in vivid themes and styles.A social media aggregator tool allows the user to pull own created content along with customer-generated content, (also known as UGC) together and display it all on a display board/digital signage or embed on a website.Where can you use it?Brands and businesses can choose to display this aggregated social feed in various forms. This feed can be added to the Facebook page or the brand website or on a microsite. It can easily be displayed on a social wall at events equally.Social walls in light of the social media aggregator tool work excellently well. The tool pulls a cumulated feed from a particular hashtag and streamlines social feeds onto the display of the social wall. Such social walls can be used by different kinds of brand and businesses and can be installed at several events - conferences, meetings, product launches, weddings, brand activations etc.