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Bauer Nutrition

by Daisy Pricilla (2019-02-15)

In order to change the shape of your body you must Bauer Nutrition Review lift weights with a certain amount of intensity and frequency over time. I am not opposed to cardio as an additional part of a weight loss/fitness program. I am talking about the MOST efficient training strategies for fat loss. Cardio for fat loss is entirely about the calories burned during the time that you are engaged in the activity. If you run for 30 min you may burn 300 calories. It's true that with most weight lifting routines you will not burn as many calories for the same amount of time. However, you will increase your muscle mass therefore increasing your calorie burn over a long period on time. Remember, the method for fat loss is calories in calories out OVER TIME! We know that the more muscle you have the more metabolically active your body is, thus you burn more calories over the course of your day than someone who does just steady state cardio. You are setting your body up to not just achieve fat loss but MAITAIN fat loss over time. Another reason I prefer weight training over cardio is that you can receive the same fat loss benefits by controlling your calorie consumption without putting in the hour on the treadmill. The same cannot be said for the metabolic benefits of weight training. That's for you to decide. Cardio will not tighten or shape the contour of your body. You will just look like a smaller version of an overweight person; skinny and squishy.