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Arctic Blast System Review

by Shira Mary (2019-02-20)

The usual treatment options are giving some pain-killers or Arctic Blast System anti-inflammatory drugs, that give a temporary relief. If you are aiming for a permanent cure, the best relief can be obtained by trying out homeopathic remedies. I have been treating patients with homeopathic drugs like Calcarea flur, Valeriana, Natrum carb, Cimicifuga and Rhus tox, prescribed as per their individual indications. Once there is more than 80% amelioration in the pain, one should start doing plantar exercises that should be continued for few years to give a better load-bearing capacity to the plantar fibrous tissue.Physical pain is commonly believed to involve the three frameworks of our bodies, namely, muscles, bones and joints. A whole branch of medicine and healthcare is based on the treatment of muscles, bones and joints. These include orthopedic medicine, chiropractic medicine and physical therapy.Painkillers and muscle relaxants, on the other hand, are usually all that is recommended by western medicine. A problem with drug therapy is that it confuses the Central Nervous System into not feeling the pain.When you are not feeling the pain, you can compound the original injury. Never use heat on an injury, or where pain is present. It increases histamine production which in turn increases the pain. Trauma and swelling can spread to more muscle groups.The muscles and skeleton work together. Bones are moved by muscles. When muscles are balanced, the skeletal structure is balanced. Misalignment of the skeletal structure is caused by muscles. Muscles work in coordinated groups; relaxation of one group allows the contraction of the opposite muscle group, while other muscles serve to stabilize the rest of the body.I like that. I ask questions and she answers them. She not only answers them she asks if I've understood her explanation. I don't take exception to her asking that question. I really don't. The ever-present fog has really done a number on me right now so I appreciate her concern.So on the 10th of May it's off to the doctor and then off to the doctor again! Next week it is pain management and the week after that its the trigger point test. I just wish I could get all this testing over with so the disability matter could be finalized. I realize that I'm a hope freak but I really do hope that the company will see that I am truly not able to function in a high stress position like I had before.I think I'll take advantage of the sleep while I can. I' m finally getting very tired so I'll pop a melatonin and see if I can sleep tonight. Last night was real tough. I finally closed my eyes around 5 am. I hate things on my face but I'm actually tempted to try a sleep mask. I've got the sound machine and that drowns out noises but I still can't stay asleep.