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Paleohacks Cookbooks

by gold stone (2019-02-20)

Another area where Paleohacks Cookbooks Review these nuts are used is in alcohol preparation. In India; the cashew apple which produces the nut is mashed to extract the juice and kept for fermentation for about three days. The fermented juice then undergoes double distillation resulting to the beverage. In Tanzania, cashew apple is dried and kept for sometime. Later mixed with water and fermented, distillation is done to make very strong liquor. The same procedures are also applicable to other African countries like Mozambique.These nuts are also used in the preparation of snacks. They are rich in flavor and can be eaten on its own or be salted or sugared. They are covered in chocolate to make a very tasty snack. These nuts are also used in cooking for making Thai, Chinese and Indian dishes. They are ground into sauces and also used as garnish mostly with the Indians to make sweets and desserts. With this features this makes cashew nut a very popular nut.Have you ever been to Baja California or Mexico? If you have then you know about all of the open air plazas and markets, or "mercados," where you can find anything from gold jewelry to leather goods and just about anything under the sun. What I like the most about going to the mercados is that there is always an awesome array of food and food products from all over Mexico and other regions of Central America. I love walking in and seeing the men and women getting their wares ready, cleaning their store fronts and getting everything set up for a days business. In the mercados there is more energy than you would get from the American counterparts and there is a sense of home.Home as in homeland. A cultural essence that is brought from the different regions of Mexico and Central America to right here in our own backyard. For a guerro like me, it is both exciting and overwhelming at the same time... ¡Vamanos!