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App Coiner

by Jeni Clara (2019-02-21)

A true extrovert could manage the first situation and love it without melting into a puddle of App Coiner Review embarrassment because of stage fright. An introvert or simply a more shy individual would definitely shrink from this kind of social interaction and avoid it at all costs. Is there a certain personality type that is especially well-suited for blogging? I was reading comments on a blog recently, in which a blogger mentioned that she believed that an extrovert would be well suited to the demands of blogging because of the social nature of this Internet art form. She felt that a "people- person" would respond better to readers than less sociable types and be more comfortable in dealing with visitors, in the same way as, perhaps, a retail shop owner would be in dealing with customers in a physical store. I don't disagree with this opinion but that is not the whole story. The blog is a public forum and hopefully thousands of people will visit your blog. I think it makes the experience easier and more pleasant if you like people and enjoy interacting with them in the way that many successful bloggers interact with their readers. Blogging, however, is a bit different than simply exchanging e-mails or socialising in a physical setting it is virtual socializing, meaning that while the people are very real, you can't see them. There is a vast difference in having 15,000 or 50,000 or 500,000 visitors attending an event at which you are appearing on stage to greet, inform, entertain them and answer questions and the same number visiting your blog when you can comfortably have the same interaction while, say, sitting in your pajamas, cup of coffee or whatever in your hand.