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by princy william (2019-02-22)

For millennia many sages Numerologist Review have postulated that people are not corporal, but spiritual before all else. They postulated that people could separate at will from the body, and be free of the body and its physical universe desires.In Scientology this has been found to be true. It was found through trial that as people were spiritual they could indeed be separate from the body. This is not an astral-travelling thing, but simply done by doing drills that when done exactly will result in the spiritual being separating out from the body. The experience of this is one of being calm, serene, and not at all upset or disturbed by the physical surroundings. In fact, in this state which we call exterior, the person himself finds he is the one who is exterior. Here you gain certainty that you are not in fact a body, but that you are a spirit, your own soul, and that you are exterior.This state of exterior is actually native to you. In Scientology there are processes that are specifically designed to exteriorize the being. I do not mean that you will float off somewhere or go to Mars. But you may find yourself looking down from above your body, or you may find you kind of just feel very pleasantly large somehow and nothing seems to worry you. The awareness of the state differs from person to person.And if this seems too wild, I do not apologise. It is very normal in the East. Buddhists have been trying and achieving this state for millennia, and Hindu's probably longer. Together they number half the planet's population. Some may claim that what Scientology has achieved is the state of Bhodi. Some say it has already been written about in the Veda. For some this may be what is termed the Dharma.