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Vision 20

by gold stone (2019-02-22)

Laser eye surgery Vision 20 Review is something of an umbrella term. While all treatments will involve lasers, there are a few specifics to keep in mind about your different options. Many people have heard of LASIK when it comes to laser eye surgery. This is because this is a process that has had a lot of attention in the media over the years. PRK is just as effective as LASIK and it offers a number of benefits that cannot be found in other options. For example, people with thin corneas are not able to undergo LASIK treatment but can undergo PRK treatments.PRK laser eye surgery in Puyallup is also a bit faster than most LASIK treatments. This is largely due to the fact that PRK surgery does not need to cut very deep into the eye in order to improve vision. LASIK needs to be a deep cut, which means that it takes longer overall and the healing process might be over the course of a large chunk of time. With PRK options, you can expect recovery to take place within a reasonable timeline. Learn specifics about this surgical option by speaking with a professional who specializes in the service.While this is a laser eye option that can yield some amazing results, it is important for you to keep in mind that not everyone will qualify for the service. Surgeons need to do an evaluation on your eyes before any final decisions can be made. Essentially, a surgeon has to get a feel for whether or not your eyes are suitable for the surgery. If you have chronically dry eyes or pupils that are not a normal size for your cornea, then you might not qualify for the procedure.