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Smart Solar Box

by Shira Mary (2019-02-23)

Have your furnace inspected and cleaned every year. Smart Solar Box Review The ducting should be cleaned every few years to keep the air you breathe clean and to allow the air to flow efficiently. Be sure the furnace filters are changed regularly - monthly in our home. Keep the temperature turned down when you are out of the house or asleep in bed. The use of a programmable thermostat makes this feat much easier to accomplish and will save enough on your heating bill in a year to pay for the cost of the thermostat.Exterior walls with electrical outlets or switches have potential "cold spots". Where these electrical boxes are is where insulation isn't! Purchase a package of inexpensive foam inserts and install in each box to help block any drafts. Often the largest heat loss in homes comes from the exterior doors themselves. Door weather-strips and sill plates need to be inspected for air leaks and replaced if necessary.Some other "cold spots" in a home are the fireplace and range hood. Check the fireplace damper to ensure it fits snug, so that when you close it during the periods it is not in use it will not let in cold air. Sometimes the suction from a forced air heating system can pull cold air down through the range hood above the stove. Try blocking this off with a piece of corrugated plastic attached with magnetic strips. As a reminder place a post-it-note over the fan button on the range hood so that it is not accidentally turned on without removing this cover first.Keep the hot water tank thermostat at 55? C for the best efficiency. Install a tank insulation kit, and insulate any hot water pipes you can readily access.These are just a few, reasonably inexpensive ways for you to save some money this winter and every winter to come for many years. You can feel pride in that you are a conscious and responsible consumer of resources. You will also feel a lot cozier in your warm draft-free home.There are three ways you can cut your fuel bills. Firstly you can insulate your home so that heat loss is reduced to a minimum. Secondly you can use energy efficient domestic appliances such as fridges and freezers, dishwashers, washing machines and energy saving lighting. The third way is perhaps the most important. Make your heating system more efficient. If your Central Heating Boiler is inefficient then the combustion level is low producing less heat. Inefficient combustion leads to higher harmful emission mainly in the form of uncombusted particulates.