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by princy william (2019-02-23)

Big knives can be found in any STRIKEPEN BLACK Review configuration desired. There are the more traditionally shaped bowies like the Cold Steel Trailmaster and Recon Scout. Ka-bar's Becker line is excellent quality for for a low price. The Becker BK-9 and BK-7 are great choices and the favorites of many outdoorsmen. The Ka-bar USMC and related knives aren't quite the large chopper-type of knife, but they are still large enough to do some chopping and splitting and have a great history. The Ka-bar Large Heavy Bowie in both its sizes has a good reputation for an inexpensive large knife. Busse knives, Ferhrman, and such companies are very good quality, but you definitely pay for what you get. If you can afford them, though, there aren't many knives better. Another option for the large knife category is a short machete. A 10-12", maybe even 14" machete from a good company like Condor, Tramontina, or Ontario will do the job well and for very little money, especially the Tramontina. It is vital that all people are prepared against potential disaster. It is impossible to know exactly when an emergency might strike, and as such, one should take extensive measures to ensure that he or she knows exactly what to do in any situation. The implications of disaster preparation are numerous, and the process of readying oneself for emergency situations can seem daunting. However, one can best safeguard himself or herself by beginning with the basics. All reputable survival schools will assert that a vital component of disaster preparation is the gathering of a food 'stockpile.' By possessing a store of food for survival, one can ensure that, in the event of a disaster, he or she will have the provisions necessary to sustain himself or herself until further help can arrive.The first important step in gathering one's stockpile is to ensure that one possesses a well-balanced selection of foods. It may be true that preservative-laden potato chips and snack foods will keep for many months, but if one ever had to actually use his or her food stockpile, these foods would not provide one with the energy and nutrients that his or her body needs. One should therefore ensure that the foods in his or her stockpile represent all of the major nutrients that humans need for survival. This includes proteins, carbohydrates, and quality fats, plus a vast range of vitamins and minerals. Survival schools or a survival blog can be consulted for a complete list of the nutrients that the body requires on a daily basis.