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Diabetes Reducer

by dilli jack (2019-02-28)

Many people occasionally like to indulge by drinking a beer. Diabetes Reducer Since diabetics know that alcohol can have a negative impact on their Type 2 diabetes, they automatically know that this also includes beer... even just one. But can just one beer cause that much trouble?It isn't really about the one beer as long as you don't drink of an empty stomach or take diabetic medication or insulin. The problem comes when people, especially diabetics, drink beer on an empty stomach. Alcohol stays in your system longer than the glucose from food. And since beer contains a lot of sugar, that's too much sugar at one time. Drinking on an empty stomach just magnifies the results, which is why drinkers feel the effects less if they drink when they have a full stomach.Beer, like any other alcohol, has to be closely monitored. When people get together to drink socially they often get caught up in the conversation or the surroundings. Soon, they are not really aware of how much they have consumed. This can quickly bring on a sugar crash or spike, depending on the circumstances.