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by Jeni Clara (2019-02-28)

For those who have recently noticed dark circles under eyes, puffiness, Dermabellix Review and hollow eyes may have been caused by dehydration, lack of sleep or even allergies. Lack of sleep is a major contributor to dark eye circles, due to the fact that skin may appear paler than usual, thus making the blood vessels under the eyes appear darker and more noticeable. Allergies are another contributing factor. Allergy sufferers often rub their itchy, watery eyes causing irritation. Nasal congestion can contribute as well because the veins between your eyes and your nose can swell and expand, making them more pronounced and darker. Lifestyle factors including long-term or heavy use of tobacco and alcohol, as well as stress can cause premature aging, including dark eye circles. For those who have lived with chronic darkened circles under eyes, dark circles may be caused by hereditary factors and heavy sun exposure or hyper-pigmentation. Another cause may be a medical issue such as atopic dermatitis or iron deficiency anemia. Prevention is key when trying to avoid or minimize the effects of dark eye circles. The first step should be to maintain adequate hydration and make sure you get plenty of quality rest at night. This will help your body maintain a proper balance so you can feel, and look your best. If you suffer from allergies or hay-fever, investing in antihistamines or decongestants can help your body regulate reactions to airborne allergens that can cause puffiness under eyes, dark circles and more. Cold compresses can bring down nasal swelling and elevating your head while sleeping can help drain fluids away from your face.