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Five Minute Profit Sites Review

by Daisy Pricilla (2019-03-01)

The first thing to understand about how to make money on the Internet Five Minute Profit Sites for free is that there are three pieces that come together to form this business model. These three pieces include an affiliate program of your choosing which is the vehicle that will provide you a product to sell. The second piece are articles used to generate traffic. Last is a website to place links to your affiliate program on. Lets discuss each in more detail. By using your favorite search engine and entering a product name paired with the term affiliate program you'll find an ample supply of programs that you can enroll in. Be sure to choose a program that doesn't charge a fee to join. Once you have enrolled, choose your product and acquire your affiliate links. Are you beginning to understand how to make money on the Internet for free. Next, go to a website like, or and sign up for a free website. Whichever site you decide to get a website from you'll have to spend a little time learning how to put a web page together and include your link. Be sure to test your link so that you know that your affiliate ID carried through to the vendor as well as that your customer is sent to the correct page for the product you are linking them to. Now that you have a product to sell, and a website to sell it from all you need is some traffic. An extremely effective method of generating traffic is called article marketing. To article market you'll write articles that are 300 - 500 words long and submit them to one of a variety of article directories. I recommend since they are extremely popular and their articles index quickly.