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by gold stone (2019-03-02)

Many sources state Levira Review that once the tearing in the dermis has occurred, it cannot be completely repaired. Stretch scars do fade over time though, from the reddish or purple initial appearance to a silvery or tan color. Perhaps using cream formulated for stretch marks will help to speed up or increase that fading, making the existing scars virtually invisible.However, using a cream to prevent the scars is another science entirely. When looking for an effective cream, check for a few essential main ingredients. Studies have shown that Vitamin E will aid in the prevention of stretch marks. Other important ingredients are collagen and elastin. Less essential but excellent additions to the base of a cream are Aloe Vera (for moisture), liposomes and glycolic acid. A study published in 2007 found that a cream with Centella asiatica extract was helpful in significantly reducing the appearance of these scars in pregnant women. Search out products that contain decent amounts of these ingredients.Also check for the water content of the cream. More water content or ingredients which occur in a larger percentage than the helpful elements will obviously deliver a lesser result.Check online for testimonials, especially those that are done by a proven unbiased source (such as researchers). Keep in mind that paid advertising is going to put a strong, positive spin on their product. Look for other opinions and comments that will back up their claims.