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Print Profit Review

by Daisy Pricilla (2019-03-02)

Deposit bonus is offered by almost every broker in Print Profit the forex market. To name just a few, the top most brokers today are eToro, AvaFx, FXCM and InstaForex, among which AvaFx gets the highest rank according to the latest reviews. This type of bonus is offered by brokers in order to attract more and more investors with real accounts. Usually, when one deposits some money into the trading account, one gets eligible to get the deposit bonus. Some brokers offer a fixed amount as a bonus and some offer a fixed percentage depending on the deposit made. This is directly proportional to the initial deposit and is applicable only once, whether it is per person, per account or per household. The deposit bonus helps in improving the chances in forex as this money in a way serves best to add to the initial account balance. This in turn helps one start the live trading account with confidence and a level of assurance as well. The fixed and guaranteed amount of the bonus offered by the brokers helps one get more people into their trade and enlarge their trading community. The best part is that there is no catch to it. Just get a real account opened and get eligible for the deposit bonus with submission of just a few necessary documents. Isn't that great.