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The Wealth Compass

by marven dwayne (2019-03-03)

In the weeks since that conversation, his peers at work and his The Wealth Compass boss have all commented on his new energy, passion, and enthusiasm. At the same time he has put together an incredible team of experienced executives to initiate a brand new business idea that literally came to him overnight. This is what can happen when you truly unleash your dreaming side. Many of us have our dreams squashed very early, we are taught that "life's not fair," "you can't do that," "it won't work," "that's not how we do it," "play by the rules," well you get the idea. The most successful among us have never listened to that rhetoric, or if we did, we got past it. I started out in my twenties playing by the rules; coloring inside the lines and it was stifling, boring, and tedious. When I stopped and followed my dream, my whole life opened up and continues to expand every day and I'm only in my forties!