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Keto Ultra Diet

by juliana juli (2019-03-08)

Whilst not technically a food, alcohol contains calories as well. Keto Ultra Diet Review The alcohol calories themselves are preferentially burned over other calories, so it is the sugary alcoholic drinks and other foods you eat whilst drinking that is the biggest problem. This is because the body is busy getting rid of the alcohol and whilst it is doing this, any other food gets stored away. This is bad news for your diet. If you want to lose weight keep alcohol to a minimum and don't eat too much whilst drinking. This is all that junk food people love to just sit and munch on whilst watching tv or whatever else. All that sugar and fat is bad news for your waistline. The sugar causes and a massive insulin spike and the fat provides an alternative energy source which your body doesn't need at that time- so it gets stored as fat. Limiting foods that have a high gi and are filled with sugar is a priority in helping anyone to lose weight. Whilst carbohydrates themselves aren't necessarily bad, carbs are what release insulin in the body which is your primary fat storage hormone. This means that we want carbs that provide a slow insulin release and help keep our blood sugar levels stable. The foods listed in number 3 count here along with white bread and other refined grains. Alternatives are fruits and vegetables (of course) and other lower gi alternatives.