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Greetings, Smiles, and Gestures Lead to Personal Success

by Bella Edward (2019-03-28)

How do you get out of this trap  Zen12  of a downward spiral of boiling in your own juices about what has been done? While you think about getting even or getting justice, in the course of it all you continue to lose time, energy and money living a life of distasteful experiences. Isn't that normally how life turns out for those that are always thinking of the past? Funny how people who have much to complain about from the past seem to get more new troubles each day. Better to accept all loses and move on with the experience gained. There was one building that I sold when I was a real estate agent in Montreal and my commission due was $150,000. I worked for one year managing the property after I sold it among all the other proprieties that the buyer owned and I finally got $50,000 out of the $150,000 coming to me. That may be considered a loss of $100,000 and a years time, something most people would grumble about for a very long time. I was upset, but it took about 2 hours and I was over it. It did not stop me from doing my other business which at the time was developing and operating one hour photo stores, along with my real estate business.

I used the experiences I received in my year as a property manager in my negotiations for the leases of my own stores. One particular shopping mall was owned by a less than honest or scrupulous man, one who thought he could easily take advantage of this 23 year old kid. In allowing him to flex his ego and allowing myself to look innocent as he thought I was, using my hard earned experience, I was able to structure the lease in such a way that not only I did not get cheated, but I saved $250,000 over the five year term.

So the apparent loss of $100,000 gave a direct return of $250,000, not to mention several other deals that were worth many times that amount as I continued in business. If I had stayed bitter about being cheated, I probably would not have been in the positive frame of mind to approach the new deals that came my way. I may have taken a bitter attitude that all businessmen are rotten and so never taken another chance in business for myself. Or perhaps I would have just approached any deal with such fear and negativity that I would not have gotten the opportunity to rent that store in the first place.

What good does it do to fight about the past? When I came to America I got involved in the real estate business again after having been retired for many years. And as happens, I encountered another dishonest person. I went to a lawyer to inquire about my rights since I was new and unfamiliar with this country. Completely against the stereotype of his profession he gave me the wisest advice. He pointed out that I could fight and may win, but I would be better off walking away and accepting the loss on this one deal and make so much money on the other properties in the development that I created, and just enjoy the profits. He didn't even charge me for his time. Perhaps he was possessed by God for half an hour. Whether it was him or the gods, he reminded me of what I used to do years earlier. I ended up making so much money on the project that the total losses where not more than 10% of the gains. If I had fought for what was rightfully mine, it would have created so much frustration in my life that I would not have enjoyed the money I did make.