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Diabetes and the Need to Maintain a Healthy Weight

by Bella Edward (2019-03-30)

Exercise not only aids in  Blood Balance Formula  weight loss - but helps to reduce insulin resistance directly as well. Aerobic exercise is probably the best type of exercise to help Type 2 diabetics, but other types are also useful. Aerobics, also known as cardio exercises, aim to bring the heart rate and rate of breathing above what they are at rest. Exercising your heart muscle is much more important than exercising your abdominals and glutes - unfortunately most people think of the effect exercise has on their waistline rather than their heart!

Diabetes is not only a matter of glucose levels in blood, there are secondary things that a diabetic must be aware of and check every day to keep in top shape and good health. The most important factors in the diabetic's life we know are; taking medication on time in the prescribed amount, checking glucose levels, and visiting the doctor for checkups. We all agree these are the most important but there are other small things you can do that will help you avoid health problems later on.

Diabetics have a hard time healing from wounds, cuts and bruising, their skin is also less sensible to any of these happening than non-diabetics. Trimming your finger nails or toe nails, cutting the cuticle around your nails or cutting out an ingrown nail can lead to cuts and bleeding, these could lead to infection so these simple must be done carefully. It is important that a diabetic does not share with anyone a razor, a toe clipper, or any other hygiene utensil that may produce cuts or wounds of any kind. It is fact, that for example, the removal of an ingrown nail that gets infected has cause the removal of a leg or foot because it was left unattended.

A healthy diet full of minerals and vitamins is also very important. Diabetics lose weight constantly even when their glucose levels are under control so it is very important to follow a nutritious, healthy diet. A diabetic's diet should include plenty of vegetable and animal protein to replenish the loss of muscular mass. This complemented with a sensible exercise plan should keep you looking good and not like a coat hanger. Plenty of water all through the day and night will help your kidneys and liver to process waste and glucose efficiently day and night. It is possible that at first you might have to get up in the middle of the night to urinate, do not worry, soon with your glucose corrected and your systems functioning properly you will not have to do it anymore.